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Rebel Radio is a collective of various hip hop/musical talent and knowledge. The original show began in 2014 when DJ Rukkus looked to bring a good hip hop show to the Buffalo scene that wasn't stuck on commercial music, or pay to play. Rukkus teamed up with the great Dr Boogie and some other local talent and began the show on 91.3 FM!

Tons of shows later and fast forward to the Fall of 2016, DJ Rukkus began to bring the show underground in order to have freedom from censorship etc. The show slowly began to gather support from a few others. DJ Optimus Prime, Toney Boi joined earlier on, Shep Luv joined in 2018, and now Rukku's original co-host of the Category 5 Hip Hop Show, HUBCAP, is back!

2018 proved to be a big year  as the team turned Rebel Radio 716 into a 24/7 365 radio station in April with several shows and more in the making! The Rebel Radio 716 show became Essential Flavors.

  • Shep Luv joined the team as Station Manager, has her own show called Contemporary Underground Standards
  • DJ Hell RZA and D.E.F. brought their Shut the Fuck Up show over
  • DJ Chris G out of Rochester recently brought his longtime running show, Straight From the Underground 2.0 Daily over. That can be heard Mon through Thurs at 2PM and 2AM
  • Flip The Script Radio out of NYC is now airing at 8PM on Saturdays
  • Haute Mama's Hot Mix joined in the Fall of 2018
  • Da Round Table Podcast joined in Feb of 2019
  • We are also broadcasting live events so keep an eye out for us around Buffalo.

And shouts to our other contributer's Lady B, Jay G, and Dr Boogie!!

Rebel Radio 716 Crew / Hosts / DJs / Shows

DJ Rukkus

Rebel Radio 716 Founder / Producer / Host & DJ of Essential Flavors & The Category 5 Hip Hop Show

Toney Boi

Co-Host / DJ on Essential Flavors


Rotational Co-Host

DJ Optimus Prime

Co-Host of Essential Flavors / THE Illest DJ in the Land

DJ Chris G
DJ Chris G

Host of Straight From the Underground 2.0

Shep Luv

Station Manager / Host of C.U.S. & Co-Host of Essential Flavors

The Sensitive Savage

Co-Host of Essential Flavors